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The Art of Making Lac Bangles: A Tale from Jaipur

Deepika is a lac bangle maker in Jaipur, a city known for its traditional crafts. She learned the art of making lac bangles from her mother, who had learned it from her mother before her. It’s a craft that has been passed down through generations, and Deepika is proud to continue the tradition.

One day, Deepika set out to make a new batch of lac bangles. She gathered all the raw materials she needed – lac, glass molds, colors, beads, and stones. She sat down at her worktable, took a deep breath, and began.

First, she heated the lac until it became soft and pliable. Then, she dipped her brush in the lac and began to apply it to the glass molds. She added layer after layer of lac until the mold was completely coated. As she worked, she hummed a traditional Rajasthani song.

Once the molds were coated with lac, she set them aside to dry. While she waited for them to dry, she sat down to take a break and sip some chai.

After a few hours, the lac had dried, and Deepika carefully removed the molds. She held the newly formed bangles in her hands and smiled with satisfaction. But the work was not yet done.

She placed the bangles in a hot oven, where they became soft and pliable once again. With a pair of pliers and a hammer, she began to shape the bangles into the desired size and shape. It was hard work, and her hands were sore by the end of it, but she knew it was worth it.

Next came the fun part – decorating the bangles. She took out her box of beads, stones, and other decorative elements and began to add them to the bangles. She carefully chose colors and patterns that would complement each other and create a beautiful design. As she worked, she felt a sense of joy and pride in her craft.

Finally, she added the finishing touches. She polished the bangles until they shone like mirrors. She filed down any rough edges and smoothed out any imperfections.

With a sense of satisfaction, Deepika packed up the bangles and sent them off to market. She knew that they would be appreciated by people all over the world – not just as accessories but as a part of Jaipur’s cultural heritage.

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