Handmade Oxidized Jewelry Lord Sri Krishna Pendant Necklace Set


Celebrate your devotion with our Artisanal Oxidized Sri Krishna Pendant Set, meticulously handcrafted to exude divine beauty. The intricate detailing and spiritual significance make this set a cherished symbol of faith and devotion.

Oxidized Handmade Jaipur Jewelry white silver beads sri krishna pendant set gift for women


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Immerse yourself in the divine beauty of our Artisanal Oxidized Jewelry Sri Krishna Pendant Necklace Set, a true embodiment of spiritual devotion. Each piece is meticulously handcrafted, showcasing intricate detailing that brings to life the essence of Lord Krishna. The set includes a reverent pendant and matching earrings, creating a divine ensemble of profound significance.

Adorn yourself with the divine elegance of this intricately designed necklace featuring a beautifully oxidized Sri Krishna pendant.

The Sri Krishna pendant features a delicate portrayal of Lord Krishna, radiating a sense of divine aura and grace. The matching earrings complement the pendant’s design, completing the set with spiritual harmony.

Designed for comfort, this pendant set is lightweight and easy to wear, allowing you to keep your faith close to your heart. Whether worn for special occasions or everyday devotion, the Oxidized Sri Krishna Pendant Set is a testament to your unwavering faith.

Let this sacred pendant set be a source of inspiration and devotion, guiding you on a path of spiritual enlightenment.

  • Artisanal Oxidized Jewelry Sri Krishna Pendant Necklace Set.
  • Meticulously Handicraft with Intricate Detailing
  • Reverent Pendant and Matching Earrings
  • Exudes Divine Beauty and Spiritual Significance
  • Lightweight and Comfortable for Effortless Wear
  • Perfect for Special Occasions or Everyday Devotion
  • Embraces the Essence of Lord Krishna


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